Career coaching
Simply put, we focus on career coaching.  We help clients think about where they are in their careers, where they want to go and coach them in how to get there and make it happen.  Clients are employed, on the fast track, underemployed or in transition.  Located in New York, we are at the epicenter of excellence and thus are on the cutting edge, but also serve clients worldwide.

We meet each client where they are.  Our approach is non-judgmental and our philosophy is based on knowing that most clients have as yet to reach their fullest potential which is why they work with us.  We are professional career coaches; why leave such an important part of your life to luck or unprofessionals?
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About Colette

Following 15 years as a management consultant and as a business growth director across a range of industries and markets, Colette noticed how people were getting in their own way when trying to take the next step and look ahead professionally.  She also realized how little people sought out objective professional support for enhancing their career, despite the fact that work comprises much of people's time and preoccupation.  Over the course of the years, Colette had become a sounding board for colleagues, peers and others, and took it to by completing intensive certification education and becoming a member of the International Coaching Federation and working with the top transition firm globally, DBM, during the most recent recession. 

Now working independently, Colette's successes as a Coach have been measured by both professional and personal successes in clients' lives.  By approaching their career in a more aware way and by focusing on thinking about their career in the short, medium and longer term, unemployed and underemployed clients have become gainfully employed, others have moved into new roles or been promoted, many have worked through a performance plan and others have grown through exploration.  

What sets Colette apart is her own solid global business experience built in 13 countries worldwide and across 5 continents, in combination with her former elite-level athletic past.  Just as top athletes have coaches and personal trainers to perform at their best, Colette believes this is also essential in one's career management.  She applies the behavioral discipline and professional insight developed over the years with her clients who seek her out because they strive for excellence.  Her approach is unique to each individual and is flexible, future-focused, goal-based and action oriented. 

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